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There is Still Time to Repeal the Gun Line!

Mike Hammond and I have both written to you to explain about SB 141 which will repeal the inefficient “gun line.”  We have gone into detail about why passing SB 141 is vitally important for Second Amendment rights.

The House of Representatives will probably vote on SB 141 on Thursday, June 3.  If you have not yet contacted your State Reps. there is still time to do so.  Please don’t put this off any longer — click here to contact your state reps and urge them to vote to overturn the committee recommendation of “inexpedient to legislate” (ITL) by voting no and then to vote YES on an expected “ought to pass” motion.

If you prefer to make a call instead of sending an email, click here for the House Roster.

As Rep. Linda Harriott-Gathright (D), wrote in House Calendar, 26 pages 17-18, “The New Hampshire gun line is an additional check beyond the NICS System…”

Whether you choose to email, call or just walk down the road and knock on your State Representative’s door, please contact them and urge them to vote to repeal the delay prone “gun line.”   If you have not been following this issue closely, please click here for an older alert which provided a detailed history of this problem and links to supporting information.

Finally, the House will also consider SB 154, which as amended by the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee will prohibit enforcement of any federal gun laws or rules by New Hampshire law enforcement.  Please also urge State Reps. to support SB 154.