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Good news from Concord — action still needed

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to Sign SB 141 and End Gun Sales Delays!

Today was a great day for freedom and the Second Amendment.

First, the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted to overturn the recommendation of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee to kill SB 141, a bill to abolish the delay prone gun line.  There were several votes and motions, but the bottom line is that freedom won on a 197-180 roll call vote.

Special thanks are due to pro-gun leader, Rep. John Burt for spending every free minute he had educating other State Reps. on the truth about SB 141.

This victory is owed to all the grassroots activists who called, wrote and personally spoke with their state reps.  Grassroots lobbying prevailed, even when confronted with opposition from a family group that in the past twenty years has never gotten involved in Second Amendment public policy issues, in addition to the traditional anti-gun activists at Granite State Progress.

SB 141 was also supported by dozens of gun dealers across the state and GOA worked with the National Shooting Sports Foundation and NRA-ILA to bolster support for SB 141.

Good news just keeps on coming from the House of Representatives.

Representatives also passed a strong amendment to SB 154 which provides that state and local New Hampshire law enforcement officers will not be able to enforce Federal gun control laws, rules or executive orders.  SB 154 will now head back to the Senate for concurrence.

Here is what you can do to help. First, click here to contact Gov. Sununu and urge him to sign SB 141 into law when it reaches his desk.  If you prefer to make a phone call the number is: (603) 271-2121.  Please remember to be polite and respectful when you urge Governor Sununu to sign SB 141 into law.

After you have contacted the Governor, please click here to send a pre-written message to your State Senator to urge adoption of the House passed version of SB 154.

Thanks again for all of your tenacious activism!