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More information — SB 141 and SB 154

When I sent my last email, I forgot my manners and didn’t ask you to thank the State Reps. who stood up for freedom and voted against killing SB 141.  Even though the vote on the “ought to pass” motion was 197 – 180, the real heroes were the 191 State Reps. who voted NO on the “inexpedient to legislate” motion. Had they not defeated that motion, the “ought to pass” motion could not have been made and voted on.  If your state rep is on this list, please call, email or speak with them at the town dump and say thank you!  If you need contact information for State Reps. click here.

Then, if you have not already done so, please click here to urge Gov. Sununu to sign SB 141 into law.

Finally, click here to see the 199 State Reps. who voted to pass the amended version of SB 154 which prohibits enforcement of anti-gun federal laws, rules or executive orders.  If your State Rep. is on that list, thank them.  Then click here to urge the Senate to pass the amended version of SB 154.