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Gov. Sununu has let us down…

Despite all of your calls, emails and in some cases, in person requests, I am saddened to report that Gov. Sununu has vetoed SB 141 (repealing the broken and inefficient gun line) and HB 334 (extending Constitutional Carry to snowmobiles and ATVs).

It would appear that Gov. Sununu was not interested in keeping a perfect record on Second Amendment issues intact.  Sadly, New Hampshire’s gun owners, dealers and manufacturers will be harmed by his ill-informed decision to veto these two critical pro-gun reforms.

State Rep. John Burt, (R), Goffstown summed it up best by saying:

“I’m shocked and disappointed that Gov. Sununu would ignore New Hampshire’s firearms dealers, manufacturers and the tens of thousands of gun owners who voted for him. Today is a sad day because gun owners still need prior government permission to carry a self-defense gun on a snowmobile or ATV.”

And Tony Hook, owner of RTD Arms added:

“As good as Gov. Sununu has been in the past on Second Amendment issues, his decision to veto SB 141 shows his ignorance of the process in which a background check is conducted.  The Gov. has a ‘fairytale notion’ that the state has actual control of the background check system, but the fact is that they are no more than an inefficient middleman. This veto is bad for business and bad for the Second Amendment.”

Remember, if you choose to carry a gun, openly or concealed on a snowmobile or ATV, you must first obtain a New Hampshire pistol / revolver license.

Please also remember, this veto means that the inefficiencies at the “gun line” might result in your being forced to wait to bring your newly purchased handgun home.

To that end, please call Gov. Sununu and let him know that you are deeply disappointed that he decided to ruin a perfect record on Second Amendment issues. Please call him at (603) 271-2121.

Remember: All elected officials are ultimately accountable to you, the citizens of our state. So hold Gov. Sununu accountable, but remember to be polite.

A final point to remember: even though we are disappointed with the ultimate outcome, it is very important to publicly thank the fourteen Senators and 191 State Representatives who voted for SB 141 and the fourteen Senators and the 212 State Representatives who voted for HB 334.

GOA also wants to especially thank Speaker Sherman Packard, Rep. John Burt, Senator Bob Giuda and a great team of co-sponsors for working so hard to get these vital pro-gun reforms through their respective houses.  We truly appreciate their efforts in support of Second Amendment rights.