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Action needed — preemption bill moving….

Earlier this year we sent several alerts on HB 307, sponsored by GOA Life Member State Representative Norm Silber.  HB 307 is a very important bill which will strengthen New Hampshire’s long standing pre-emption law by providing for modest penalties against those local officials who insist on defying the clear prohibition on local gun control that is found in R.S.A. 159:26.

On May 10, the Senate Judiciary Committee conducted a public hearing on HB 307 but took no action.  The Committee has an Executive Session scheduled for Tuesday, December 14.  While the public is not permitted to speak at these sessions, members of the public are free to contact the committee members in advance to let them know you support HB 307.

Please use the email link and pre-written message below to take action.

Please email  ALL of the members of the Judiciary Committee and urge them to support HB 307.

Senator Sharon Carson; Chair, Email:
Senator William Gannon; Vice Chair, Email:
Senator Harold French, Email:
Senator Rebecca Whitley, Email:
Senator Jay Kahn, Email:

After you click the email link, cut ‘n paste this message into your email software:

Dear Senators:

Gun Owners of America told me that on Tuesday, December 14, you will likely consider HB 307.  This important legislation will prevent local officials from violating NH’s longstanding firearms preemption law (R.S.A. 159:26).

Gun owners are entitled to a clear set of laws and rules that are consistent statewide.  They have a right to know that conduct that the General Court has deemed lawful, is lawful everywhere in the state.  Despite the clear language found in R.S.A. 159:26, lawless cities, towns and school boards are still attempting to regulate the ownership, use and carry of firearms.  HB  307, as amended by the House,  if enacted, will put an end to this lawless behavior.

Please vote HB 307 “ought to pass”.  Gun Owners of America will keep me informed on your vote.